Saturday, 21 July 2012

1963 Ford Zephyr Mk3 Barn Find Progress Report

Rear View of the car called Ralph.

In this shot taken last night, the newly repainted bootlid can be seen reflecting the evening light in a way the rest of the car doesn't. The poor colour match is not so evident in this light, but at this angle the panel work below the right tail light is quite obvious. No history of this car is known, so exactly why each side has a dent in this particular spot is a mystery. Over all, though, this is quite a flattering photo. The Hustler mag wheels on this side have not yet been polished, but still suit the car.

One of my favorite views of the Mk3 Zephyr, a pose I plan to turn
 into a work of art one day soon. Watch this space...

Out with the camera last night for some twilight shots of my project car, "Ralph", the mk3 Zephyr barn find car that is currently being recommissioned for road use.

The repainted bootlid fitted temporarily to "Ralph"
whilst the other bootlid gets a meticulous resto.

I recently found out the hard way that access to the boot from inside the car is not too difficullt - having fitted the temporary bootlid and slammed it shut, tight on the old rubber seal, I tried to reopen the boot for a little fettling. That's when it became apparent that the newly fitted lock did not engage well with the opening mechanism! Try as I might, the only way to get the lid up again was to be from the inside. Lucky that the rear seat is easy to remove! This was likely the first time in it's life that it had been out. No secret mesages hidden in there from factory assembers of days gone by, though - damn!

An odd shot - the neighbours roofline doesn't sit well with the overall impression.

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