Sunday, 25 November 2012


Globe mags polished and near new tyres fitted. The tread is great with no uneven wear patterns. Two are Kelly brand and two are Goodyear Ritmo - not exactly top of the range stuff, these aren't P6's, but then the price was also low at just $118 for the lot from Ebay.These are all 215/60r14's but the tread on the road is far narrower than a good quality tyre like Yokohama. The price included Holden Commodore wheels, so it cost another $80 to remove, fit and balance. Phil from Ridder's in Murrumbeena has again done a supurb job. Taking a little extra time, he has put all the weights on the inside. The rims look really clean with no weights showing. .

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Chrysler Valiant Regal CM and Ford F100 banana back

Another car in the neighbourhood, though probably just passing through. Holden Belmont HQ dual axle to the left.

This Valiant Regal looks to be in very good condition, but may have a leaking window seal, going by the large amount of condensation on the windows.

The Ford banana back wrecker truck. Over the years this truck has carried some interesting old cars, many times on their ultimate trip. Lets hope this car is not destined for the scrap yard.

Not long now till this truck moves away for good, as the owner has sold the property. I will miss spotting all the old relics at the end of the street.

As a young fella I remember these cars, the big Aussie luxury cruisers. My sister and I each had a Dinky toy that was a station wagon version of the car above, only red with two plastic dogs poking their heads out over the tailgate. One of my first memories of a particular "modern" car, bearing in mind I grew up in a vintage car family, was a similarly coloured Ford Landau Coupe driven by my uncle. All I wanted to do was play with the electric wndows! Even then, though, the rear window was jammed half open.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

HQ Holden ute tandem or dual axle - "dually"

I have been out with the camera in the streets around home capturing images of older cars I see often. This "dually" is one of two owned by the same bloke. I missed my chance to get a photo of the other, a HJ or HZ, as the house is sold and numerous vehicles are being moved out. This one hasn't been outside the gates for a few years now.

Ford XC Fairmont

This month I have been out with the camera in the neighbourhood.
I passed this rare GXL Falcon every week for 5 years while dropping my daughters off to gymnastics. I have always thought that I ought to get a photo. Better late than never, I guess.

Check out the "not for slae" note on the windscreen - someone is determined to see this car rot into the road in a pile of rust!

The bonnet scoops, factory mag wheels and rectangular headlights set the Fairmont apart from the much more common Falcon. The interior is also quite plush, with high backed seats in fabric upholstery.