Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Power to the Zephyr!

Since deciding to keep the Mk3 Zephyr authentic and as original as practical and the battery was getting weak (from jump starting too many friends and neighbours!) it was time to visit the guys at Ariel batteries. Located in Clifton Hill, this place really is a time warp. Etablished in 1947, you have no problem believing the truth of this - most of the equipment still in use is from 1947! Not much has changed in 65 years. The best part, though, is real service from an age gone by. Finding an old style 12 inch rubber case (brand new) was not a problem and my battery was ready in a few days.

The battery even looks alot like the one shown in the original manual.

This sure kicks the motor into life quickly.

 A battery clamp had been made from scrap lying around and it didn't look too bad. As the chances of finding the correct clamp seemed unlikely I had spent a bit of time making it look good. However, the right one did happen along, and after selling a lung to fund it, I have the perfect way to hold the period battery in place. Detracters might say it's a bit rusty, but painting it will only make the rest of the engine bay look even worse! As it is the clamp fits in like it has always been there. I can't ask for more than that.
 Due to a return trip to NZ for a holiday and then getting a really bad flu from my daughter (sharing is caring, right?) I have fairly well written off July. August has started strongly, though. Another Globe mag wheel is now polished and will be painted black as soon as the weather improves.

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