Friday, 5 October 2012

Mk3 Ford Zephyr 6 floor change gearbox

 Factory floor change gearbox for the Mk 3 Zephyr. This one is a 4 cylinder model. This is a 212E left hand drive 'box that was used in all right hand drive floor change mk3's.

Factory floor change again. A good view of the curved gear lever, knob and reverse lockout selector.

Factory floor change gate detail.

An after market "Impala" shifter. This fits standard column change cars with the gearbox selectors on the right side.

Speco shifter

Speco after market shifter

Exploded parts view of the factory floor change mechanism

Monday, 1 October 2012

Polishing my nuts

I have been lucky enough to have the use of the neighbour's polisher for a while. Some of the Zephyr wheel nuts were a bit rusty and a part set of Toyota nuts, left over from the old Rav 4 when it got mags, were a bit dirty. 36 hours in the polisher and they have come up really well.

I didn't get before shots, but we all know whay old wheel nuts can look like. I'm happy with the way they came up.

I tried to get the boot badges looking as good. Only one at a time can be put in, otherwise they will tangle together and scratch or even break. The first time I let it run with just the badge and the walnut husks. Only light marks polished off. Not a great sucess! This time I tried plastic and aluminium cylinders of varied sizes. The larger cylinders can be seen in the photo above. After 36 hours of not much progress, this trial can also be chalked up to experience as a dud. The badge above has a gold coating on it, but is badly faded and just looks like a film of dirt. I guess it's back to hours of metal polish and elbow grease! I had thought of adding fine ball bearings, but a lot would be needed and they still wouldn't get into the internal corners properly.
At least I have nice shiney nuts now!