Friday, 5 October 2012

Mk3 Ford Zephyr 6 floor change gearbox

 Factory floor change gearbox for the Mk 3 Zephyr. This one is a 4 cylinder model. This is a 212E left hand drive 'box that was used in all right hand drive floor change mk3's.

Factory floor change again. A good view of the curved gear lever, knob and reverse lockout selector.

Factory floor change gate detail.

An after market "Impala" shifter. This fits standard column change cars with the gearbox selectors on the right side.

Speco shifter

Speco after market shifter

Exploded parts view of the factory floor change mechanism


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  2. Where can i get a floor change mechanism for my MK3 gearbox with the linkages on the righ side