Monday, 16 July 2012

In Stark Contrast

More bodged electrical. Blue tape everywhere.

Vacuum tube in the engine bay where it squeezes between the exhaust pipe and steering idler!
The rubber vacuum tube again

The lenses, tail light and indicators, have been replaced, even though the old ones may have passed a RWC. Perhaps they will go back on later, as the new ones were only installed because some were available. New just doesn't quite look right.

Boot floor is amazingly tidy.

Unlike the previous Zephyr, the black one, the rust in Ralph is minimal. The boot from Z no.3 was more akin to swiss cheese. While this is more like chalk - quite a contrast. The boot drip lip is perfect in this one, too. Best not to mention the state of the lip on the black car...

Did I say it was tidy?


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