Monday, 16 July 2012

First Impressions

Although the last owner is Victorian, the car previously came from South Australia. One can only assume it spent most it's life there. First impressions once delivered did not disappoint. The car was infact better than expected. The carpets are absolutely useable, the doors close easily with one finger. No major dents and only surface rust where Ford Australia failed to apply enough paint when new.

Obvious fail points for the roadworthy Cert. will be wiper blades, 49 years of oil seapage along the underside (hence no rust on the floors!) and maybe the dodgy trailer wiring is why the indicators are so dull and slow. Yes, that is a bakelite 240 volt 3 pin plug under the rear valance! There is also a rubber vacuum tube and 3 core electrical cable running the length of the underside... WTF? Luckily all is removed with no major tell-tale marks left behind.

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