Monday, 16 July 2012

So what's with that boot lid? (trunk lid)

So glad you asked. The previous owner is doing a V8 repower. Lucky he didn't find this one first! His car had been rear ended at some time and a lot of repair work was needed to fix a poor panel job. He has done a great job, but, understandably, took the easy way out when it came to the boot lid. Same story with the front bumper.

Back to bare metal, again as it turns out.

Knowing Ralph came without a good boot lid, I sold the black Z without it's bootlid. Sure it was far worse condition, but at least it meant I had something to put on while I repaired the green lid...

After a bit of work, including working out quite a decent dent that had been poorly repaired, it came up to a standard that would suit the car temporarily.

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