Monday, 31 December 2012

Merry Christmas to me... Zephyr twin carb manifold

After market twin carb manifold; a Christmas gift to myself. 
The manufacturer is unknown, but it is in very good order and will clean up OK.

The puzzle.
Although this came with a 36mm carb attached, the throats are only 31mm. Of course this means the larger carb cannot open it's butterfly on this inlet port. I have no knowledge of other Zephyrs, so maybe this is for an earlier model.
Upon closer inspection, the ports are 31mm all the way through, whereas the mk3 Zephyr is 36mm.
I'm thinking I will have to swap this for a suitable mk3 version. To be honest, I really want an inlet manifold that will take a weber double choke carb, like on Cortina GT's, the Pinto 2 Litre BDA motors and 3 Litre Capri V6. These are not available in Australia, it seems. I have never seen one.

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